Back to work

DH has had such a grueling schedule recently he’s been a passing ship. This past week he went to a conference downstate Wednesday and Thursday (I didn’t go with him, as I usually do, because we couldn’t cover logistical problems for the kids). He got in Thursday night in time to run his demanding quarterly board meetings all day Friday and Saturday. Sunday, he drove to Maine for a meeting. Today he’ll drive home. Wednesday he leaves again to give a presentation at a conference in North Carolina.

“Wow,” I had said when he calmly outlined this exhausting program to me. “You’re certainly not a whiner!”

He smiled. “I hope you’re not just realizing this.”

No. DH is one of the hardest, most disciplined workers I’ve ever known. He rarely stops and he never complains. He sets a standard that is difficult for anyone to live up to.

On the farm, Allen, in his different way, is exactly the same.

For me there is great comfort in such dependable, unstoppable people. It’s a bit like being hitched to an over-sized engine. You know you’re going down that road willy-nilly. So you just scramble to stay on your feet and keep up. Or, as Allen says, “Just put ‘er in high gear and let ‘er roll.”


Yesterday Allen and I began putting the roof on the run-in shed. We are having a spell of sun and warmer (40°) weather and it’s the perfect opportunity to finish off the job before deep snow.

STB_0255Now that the excavator has gone we’ve — of course — discovered that our front posts are off by half a foot. We set them in such terrible weather, in such poor conditions (buried stumps and boulders in the way), under such time pressure, that we could not be precise. We can’t fix them now.

Allen as always was calm. “We ain’t building a church. It’ll be fine.”

It is fun to be working with Allen again. We joke and laugh all day. Here he is pretending to object to the camera.

Yesterday we got up all the 2×12 rafters. As we were putting away tools for the evening Allen said, “It ain’t gonna be a thing of beauty, but the cows won’t mind.”



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