Onward and Upward

Yesterday due to family circumstances I had to rearrange my work day. When I finally got down to the farm after lunch, I found Allen leaning in his passenger door, rummaging in his truck.

STA_0251He turned to greet me with a big grin on his face and a goofy hat on his head. “It’s Cowboy Allen down at the ranch!”

I burst out laughing and he gave me a hug. “Thought you sounded a little sad on the phone,” he explained.

I am blessed with wonderful warm people in my life. DH telephoned from North Carolina. My big sister sent her cell number. My friend Alison called from the road on her way to a conference. When I told her I was working with Allen, she said, “Oh, good, then I know you’re all right.”

STA_0251_2Together Allen and I put up all the wood nailers (in August Lucy and I had found 12′ rough-cut 1x8s on Craigslist for $2 apiece and I’d ripped them to 1x4s) and then the metal roofing.

We’ve known that due to misplaced posts, the building was not only bowed but about 9″ out of square. Still, these issues became even more blindingly obvious the moment the straight sheets of metal roofing began to go on.

“Don’t want Dean to see this,” Allen warned.

“I’ll keep the bull in the paddock,” I promised.

We both laughed. In fact all afternoon, as we pulled up sheets of roofing and screwed them down, we kept looking at our wonky building, shaking our heads, and laughing. I started calling the shed Castle Cattywampus.

As long as it stands and keeps the animals dry, I’m not too worried. It’s a 43×12 building cobbled together out of scrounged materials, second-hand roofing, and some new posts, rafters, and lag bolts. Including labor it cost me about $800. I could barely build a wood bin for that.

STA_0257However we also discovered that one of our posts, originally dead level and plumb, had sunk, causing the roof to have a perceptible swayback. Allen was frustrated not to have the excavator on hand to effect a five-minute fix. We will make up our morning next week, to finish final details, and he says he will bring a car jack to lift it back into place.

“If that don’t work we’ll give ‘er a nudge to straighten ‘er in the spring, when we got the machine.”

But for now the animals have a roof over their heads in bad weather, and that’s a great feeling.


One Response to Onward and Upward

  1. Mac West says:

    Wow Sel, it looks great!

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