After the storm

It is sad to see all the holes in the campus skyline where big trees stood only two days ago. All the local cross-country ski trails are closed due to fallen trees and widowmakers hung up in the woods. Yesterday you could hear the snarl of chainsaws everywhere.

Last night the delayed foot of snow arrived in a blizzard. The white-out conditions were so bad that several cars were tangled in a pile-up in the narrow mountain pass just up the road and in the other direction a tractor trailer jackknifed going down the steep hill into town.  They closed the highway for the night. I hope no one was hurt.

Meanwhile the school children (and Lucy and DH) are ecstatic over the fresh white powder. Winter is officially here!

Down at the farm there is little evidence of the storm’s destruction, as … you may recall… someone has already cut down most of the trees. A few balsams are down over pasture fences but those can wait until spring. I was concerned that my two huge spruces (which Lucy and I named Scott and Craig, after the property’s original owner, because they’re Wood brothers) might have been taken out by the wind, but to my relief they were still soaring tall.

The animals are all bouncy and healthy. I am very grateful that Allen and I finished the run-in shelter last month. I can see some refinements I want to make — bars to partition the bays so that one dominant animal can’t commandeer the entire space (Georgie has been determined that the shelter would be For Cattle Only, so the sheep were driven out into the wind and snow) — but the relief of knowing there is shelter from sudden shifts of weather takes a big weight off my mind.


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