I’m Not Ignoring You…

I’m sorry to anyone whose emails I may appear to be ignoring. I’m not — just having a hard time getting online.

This old desktop is extremely slow and between other obligations I’m spending two to four hours a day driving. (One of Jon’s carpool rides quit his job abruptly and moved away, and the other is now sick with flu, so getting Jon to and from college, an hour away, has fallen to Mom.)

Meanwhile I have approached several data retrieval firms to see what it would cost to retrieve our family photos from my crashed laptop. Yikes! Charges start at $700! The dead drive and those photos will have to sit safely in a Ziploc bag in my file cabinet to wait for my ship to come in, in some far distant year. Learn from my foolishness and back up your photo collections now! A new hard drive (only $75, thank goodness) should arrive today from Amazon and we’ll see if the computer itself can be resurrected.

Now I’m off to milk and then drive the morning run…


One Response to I’m Not Ignoring You…

  1. Jessika says:

    Selden I’m so sorry about your family photos. That’s one of my big stressors, I need to get them backed up.
    I couldn’t bare losing all the pics of my kids. Good reminder, I hope your ship comes in soon so you can have those back.

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