Lucy gets braces

Lu and I spent the day in Vermont yesterday and she was fitted with braces. Braces these days are a very different animal from that which I experienced forty years ago, or even that Jon experienced ten years ago.

Forty years ago the bands went all the way around each tooth. Now, the hardware is glued to the teeth and only one molar in the back of each quadrant gets a band.

Ten years ago, Jon had no choice but traditional silver braces. Now braces and wires come in a kaleidoscope of possibilities, and kids enjoy changing the colors at every appointment. Lucy’s choice was to start with shamrock green and aqua blue, on alternating teeth! “I figure I might as well have a little fun with it.”

As with glasses last year, Lucy had almost been looking forward to braces, but once they were on she changed her mind. However, she tends to be philosophical. She is happy she will have her braces off by the time she starts high school. This inspired a serious discussion of where she wants to go to high school (there are three local options). Lucy is a long-range planner.

She is so grave and responsible and yet lighthearted underneath. It’s definitely a hassle having to drive so far for the orthodontist; it eats up an entire day and we’ll be doing it every six weeks for two years. However I love spending time with my girl.

In the waiting room we watched a toddler in a lilac pencil-striped cotton dress and matching leggings climb on her mother’s lap. I felt a wave of nostalgia. It seems like only yesterday. My baby is growing up.


3 Responses to Lucy gets braces

  1. Jessika says:

    She looks adorable! It brings back memories of when I got braces. We too had to drive far and make a day of it, but I loved that fun time with just me and my Mom.
    I think Zoie will need braces. How old is Lucy?

  2. Simone says:

    I wondered that braces changed the last years. Do you have any pics of your braces of fourty years ago ?

  3. Dan Short says:

    Most young ladies in braces look better than they believe they do!

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