They Died With Their Hats On

I have been too rushed to post and now I am too tired. I have been up most of the past two nights, checking Katika. She finally calved yesterday morning but then became very ill with a metabolic disorder called milk fever. Left untended, this would have killed her. She also tore open her udder. I wrote all about it for my cow friends, who walked me through treating her, but I’m too sleepy to put it up here now.


His name is Rocky. I’ll write all about him over the weekend. But now I must get some sleep.

I must say, though, that if you have to be up and down all night, pulling your coveralls on over your pajamas, stuffing your long hair under a baseball hat, and driving down to the farm, it is helpful to have to do it when your DH is away. Instead of stumbling around cautiously in the dark, you just snap on the light. And when you return and kick out of your barn clothes, you can slide under the covers and read for a few minutes as the adrenalin fades.

The only problem is that I’ve been so exhausted that I’ve faded even faster than the adrenalin. Twice over the past two days I’ve waked up to find myself with a book on my chest and my baseball hat still on my head.


2 Responses to They Died With Their Hats On

  1. tcuppminiatures says:

    So proud of what you did to save Katika! You are awesome! I hope you are able to get some real rest soon!


  2. Tricia says:

    You did such an amazing job! At least you remembered to take off the barn clothes before hitting the bed!!!

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