Lizzy is here! …and DH is leaving

…and Lucy is out for the count!

Lucy and I picked up her cousin yesterday in Albany. Lizzy is sweet and funny, and though seven months younger, quite a bit taller than Lu. (In the photo, right, she’s standing on a lower rock.)

Lucy has a habit of falling sick on the eve of much-anticipated events, and this was no different. She has been so excited to have her cousin come for a week — ergo, her nose began streaming Wednesday night. We drove to Albany with Lucy sneezing uncontrollably and packing a box of Kleenex.

This morning she seemed a bit wan but the girls came with me to barn chores, brought in the horses, grained the cows, fed the pigs, and each tried a hand at milking one teat. Then they were off to go hiking with DH for a quick run up Owl’s Head in a drizzle.

When they came back at lunch time, however, Lucy was pale and out of gas.

“Do I feel a little hot to you, Mom?” she asked. “My neck hurts. My head hurts. I have no energy.”

I took her temperature. 102.4. Oh dear.

Now it is raining and the girls are playing board games while Lucy lies on the sofa. I am frustrated by this double monkey wrench but I guess I will have to concede that the weather and the flu are both out of my control.

Meanwhile DH leaves at 4 AM tomorrow for two and a half weeks of climbing in Peru. He laid out his packing last night in the living room, checking and rechecking his lists, his ropes, harnesses, etc., and evaluating everything by weight. I have watched this ritual for 26 years.

I always worry when DH is climbing big mountains. I know it makes him happy and he is a safe, conservative climber. Still, I have to switch off my awareness of the danger for most of the time he is gone.

Of course DH is not taking the dollhouse up the glacier. Lucy and I found that on Freecycle and are renovating it this summer — “for the grandchildren” — as a rainy-day project.

However (sigh) not a rainy-day-and-flu project.


One Response to Lizzy is here! …and DH is leaving

  1. Elaine Murphy says:

    What a bummer when you get sick when you’re suppose to be having fun! It must be the Murphy genes, Jennifer would get sick at the holidays. She would get so excited with anticipation, she would start with a fever or get an ear infection….Lucy enjoy your cousin..

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