Apartment progress

The inside of the apartment is moving ahead slowly but surely.

The little kitchenette has been roughed in with 2x4s and 1/2″ plywood and is now awaiting the cabinets.

Matt the plumber is almost finished. Here he is sitting in the hole in the concrete floor that Damon jackhammered and then Allen and I dug out last fall. That was such a day of laughter (described in this post), I’ll almost be sorry when the hole is refilled with concrete and hidden under the stairs.

The water heater had to be a “low boy” model to fit under the upstairs eave. O.B. lined its little closet with plywood. “We had to get the short, round, heavy guy situated,” he said to me. Then he looked up. “I was referring,” he said with dignity, “to the water heater.”

I enjoy joking with the men. We have had far-ranging discussions. Their politics are different from mine, but so are their life experiences (both small-town boys, O.B. served in the Army and Matt in the Marines). I am fascinated to hear their stories. Though I’m unlikely to stop being a “liberal wing-nut” any time soon, I respect their perspectives. I often think that if folks watched less television and instead actually got to know people with different views, there would be less demonization between parties.

Tony the electrician is almost finished also. Tony works evenings so I’ve spent less time with him. He is my neighbor across the street, and by coincidence, his grandfather inherited my property in the 1930s and lost it when he couldn’t pay the taxes. His mother is the town librarian I’ve known for twenty-five years. Tony thinks his great-grandparents may have lived here, “— but you’ll have to ask my mother. I don’t really listen…”

I laughed. “Now, now, sons must always be respectful of mothers!”

I hope this winter to have a few days to devote to more research on this land. Whose shoe soles have the pigs rooted up in their pen, erected where it had been deep forest for decades? I’d love to find out.

With wires and pipes snaking everywhere through the walls, insulating has started. Here is the tiny bathroom.

Soon there will be nothing left to do but wait for the sheetrock crew. The sheetrock is due to be delivered today. It’s very exciting.

Moving on from my initial contractor mistake and hiring O.B. and his team was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. It is a reminder to me that though I resist it mightily, change can be for the better.


One Response to Apartment progress

  1. Tammy Cupp says:

    It’s coming along! Looking good!

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