A quiet evening

Last night I was home alone. I can’t think of the last time that happened. DH is in Tokyo. Jon was working. And Lucy was on a horseback overnight camping trip with friends. (I heard her say to herself as she was packing her gear, “I’ll take a book but I don’t need a hairbrush. That would be excessive.”)

Since there was no one to hurry home to cook dinner for, I moved the sheep at sunset. It was peaceful in Betty’s pasture in the gathering dusk, just me and the sheep. Here they are, waiting at the fenceline for me to let them onto new grass.

Sunset now is just after 6:30 PM and seems earlier due to the mountains hedging our horizons.

The crickets and cicadas are quiet now. The swallows left weeks ago. Leaves are turning. We’ve had killing frosts and in the mornings I’ve found ice in the water troughs. Geese fly over, honking.

Fall is here.


One Response to A quiet evening

  1. Amy says:

    Gorgeous! I love fall…

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