Holding Pattern

I haven’t written about work moving ahead on the garage apartment because it has been stalled for ten days. O.B. had another job to finish. He had warned me that he would only be in for half-days, but in fact he wasn’t in at all.

I saw him briefly last night. He had a man helping him and was moving sheetrock outside and upstairs in the rain. Rain! On sheetrock! I forced myself not to jump out of my truck screaming.

O.B. told me that the sheet-rocking has been put off another week. This makes the third reschedule. I had no words. It was unclear to me if the problem is due to O.B. or the subcontractor — but I did know that self-control required me to keep my mouth shut.

“I’m very anxious to have everything ready for the bank appraiser,” I said simply.

“I know, dear,” said O.B.

I drove home repeating the Serenity Prayer.

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