It’s the Atmosphere

My sister and brother-in-law are antique postcard dealers and frequently send me wonderful old cards on farm themes. This example of rural humor is from the early 20th century. Isn’t it great? It’s the Atmosphere that does it here.

Our Adirondack atmosphere is currently very dark and rainy. Flash flood warnings have been issued. Though up in the peaks I don’t have to worry — I like to say Katika is the highest cow in New York State — the rivers in the valleys will overrun and flood the roads. I brought the cattle and Birch in last night for a break but they’ll be out in the downpour all day today. Perhaps I will turn them out in the barn paddock where they can watch the pounding rain from under the run-in shelter.

We need the rain. Maybe my winter rye will even have a chance to germinate before the predicted hard freeze this weekend. However with clouds swirling along the ground the views are uninspiring.

The chickens’ tails droop and trail in the mud. My sheep look like dripping sponges. The pigs love mud, but not in a raw wind. They have been curled up in the pig palace, burrowed under warm hay. I think, apart from milking and barn chores, I will similarly spend the day close to home.


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