Circle of Life

We are home. The whole family is tired, and DH, blindsided with heavy emotion on the heels of sixteen days of world travel, is exhausted.

The funeral was beautiful. I am not Catholic but I am at home in most churches so was comfortable and pleased. DH’s sisters had found a wonderful soloist, accompanied by a pianist who also sang harmony. Their rendition of Ave Maria raised my hair. The modern closing hymn, On Eagles’ Wings, I know well and left humming.

At the wake the night before I had spotted a photograph I had not seen before. It is my father-in-law holding my husband as a newborn. N.A. is twenty-three in the photo, exactly the same age our son Jon, his grandson, is today.

I was 24 when I met N.A., 54. I too was wide-eyed in those days. Now I am 51, grey and harsher, and N.A. is dead at 81. (The photo, right, was taken by DH on a father/son visit just a few weeks ago.)

I listened to the message of Jesus in the service and had many, many thoughts, but perhaps uppermost was: Doesn’t the wheel of life turn quickly?

The speed can take your breath away.


One Response to Circle of Life

  1. Tammy Cupp says:

    What a precious photo. Thank you for sharing it with your readers. I am thinking of you and your family during this time.


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