Fragments of Happiness

Late this afternoon when I was doing chores I walked down to the pond. With all the rain, the new pond has filled in and is brimming. The surface reflected the sky and winked in the wind. It was lovely.

I surprised five Canada geese there: three adults and two adolescents. I have never seen Canada geese on our tiny pond. My heart leapt.

In the suburbs Canada geese are a scourge, practically on the level of pigeons in the city, but here in the mountains they are wild. I rarely see them except high overhead.

These geese watched me nervously, slim black heads turning on slim black necks. I took one step closer and the whole group burst into flight, skimming across the water and lifting aloft. I was sorry to have disturbed them but found myself smiling nonetheless. Perfectly beautiful.

I will have to send Leon a postcard.


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