Catching up

For the past week life has been so hectic that I’ve had little time at the computer. I kept telling myself, “If I just make it to Wednesday, I’ll have survived the worst.” This turned out to be true. I did survive, the most worrisome chores are behind me, but I’ve still been pushing, pushing, pushing to get the farm ready for winter as cold weather has closed in.

Yesterday we had grey, slanting rain, mixed with snow. It looks as if we’re due for more of the same for the next few days. The temperatures are hovering right at freezing. The wind is gusty and bitter. I’m so grateful Allen and I got the run-in shed up a year ago. The animals are muddy and wet but at least they’re safely out of the wind.

Today I will alternate chores outside in the rain and wind with work indoors — thawing, and getting DH ready to leave at 3 AM tomorrow for Santa Fe. My hope is that by the end of the weekend I will have most of the farm’s winter prep under control. I’m highly aware that at any moment the temperature could drop two degrees and all this freezing rain will be snow.

In the interstices I will also try to post about trucking the pigs and sheep.


One Response to Catching up

  1. Noodles says:

    Thank you for thinking of your loyal readers. Some day I suggest a post on the various layers that keep you warm and dry as you do all these things outdoors. I look forward to hearing about the sheep move. That one had me worried!

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