Fleeting Snow

We had sleet all yesterday and two inches of icy snow in the late afternoon. Cars crept along the highway, their flashers blinking. The campground up the road has started hanging its Christmas decorations. Santa’s sleigh and two reindeer are picked out in lights against the early winter darkness.

DH’s travel schedule has been grueling all fall and this week in particular. He drove to downstate New York Wednesday and Thursday, led a challenging board meeting here Friday and Saturday, on Sunday flew to Maine, and tomorrow heads back to Manhattan.

DH never complains. He simply gets quieter. Exercise is his best stress-reducer. He’s been too busy even for that this past week, but last evening, with the new snow, he came home from work with a determined look on his face. He loves snow. He dug out his skis and a headlamp and went for a cross-country ski in the dark before dinner. It is due to warm up today but I’m sure he’ll go for another ski in the dark before breakfast, a brief relaxation before a new work day and the snow melts.

For me the snow is a final warning — DANGER: WINTER AHEAD. In the gift of warmer days coming up this week I must hurry to finish the last chores that will keep the farm snug for the six-month freeze-up.

I see hours of shoveling gravel in my plans today.


One Response to Fleeting Snow

  1. Tammy Cupp says:

    I love snow but I do not envy you with it’s “early” arrival compaired to Virginia standards. Sometimes I wonder how I ever spent 13 years in Alaska (and loved it). I have become so soft after living in the south!

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