Keeping Perspective

It was -18°F when I got up this morning. The paddock water hydrant was frozen again yesterday at 0°, despite the heat tape. I’m not sure what my next problem-solving maneuver will be.

Right now there seem to be problems at every hand. The water, the storm clean-up, the bank delaying our loan, errors in the garage project, O.B. hasn’t shown up to work or returned my calls in two days. “I just want something to be easy!” I wailed to DH.

I am trying to buy firewood for DH’s cabin (he has guests coming next week) and everywhere appears to be sold out. Yesterday I finally tracked down a cord of local hardwood only to have the young man say airily that his truck had broken down, I’d probably have to drive through the snowdrifts up to his sugarbush and dig the wood out, then cut it to length and split it…

I couldn’t help it, I started to laugh. What next?!

Somehow this rigmarole was a great reminder that these are not the big problems of life. I know how very, very lucky I am. And today in the deep cold I will dress in many layers.


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