Another Fine Mess

The drive down to church was worrying. Going through the notch at 20 mph with snow blowing at my windshield, following a line of cars all with emergency flashers blinking, I thought, “Is this the smartest?” Throughout the service I kept glancing out the windows as the snow blew past.

The drive home was worse. The car fishtailed sickeningly all the way up the seven-mile climb. I have decided that I don’t care about looking like Granny Clampett — from now on I will take the pickup to church if the weather is scary. I might even wear my coveralls for confidence!

By lunch a warm front had moved in and the snow turned to rain. The wind once again howled in the trees. I was making ricotta cheese for lasagna while Lucy sat with her homework at the dining room table and DH worked at his laptop. The hanging bird feeders outside the living room windows were bouncing almost horizontal. Branches broke and sailed past.  The doors of the school greenhouse blew off.

The night before DH had come down to the farm and we had righted the ski locker in the dark. (It took less than thirty seconds.) Unfortunately I’d had the wrong bit in my Dewalt driver, so I couldn’t immediately install the angle irons I had in my pocket to hold it firmly attached to the side of the cabin. I had planned to attend to this right after church. Now DH looked out at the leaning trees and the lashing rain and said, “The ski locker will be gone again.”

I did evening chores early so the streaming wet animals could come in out of the wind. Water was running three inches deep over ice on the driveway. The paddock was a sea of mud and watery slush. The big barn doors were lifting and banging heavily in the wind but ever since Allen drove pipes in the ground for me as guards, they’ve never blown off.

I had just finished on Saturday hauling away the chunks of the big spruce that fell in the last windstorm. Since I couldn’t lift the logs by hand to chain them, this had involved spreading the chains and then lying in the snow to shove the logs into position with my legs. I’m sure there will be fresh storm clean-up to do today, this time in deep mud.  Sigh.

It will be a race to beat the re-freeze. It is due to be 7° F tonight and 0° tomorrow.


2 Responses to Another Fine Mess

  1. Pamela says:

    Selden, you are amazing!

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