Wheel of the Calendar

Yesterday was the Winter Solstice. Yay! Though the worst twelve weeks of winter are still ahead, we are officially over the hump and cruising toward springtime. Every day from here out will get a little longer and a little brighter. Hooray!

DH took this sunset photo from the porch of the cabin last weekend. It shows the moon rising over the shoulder of Pitchoff Mountain. You can see the dark bulk of the barn ā€” where all the animals are snug in their stalls, munching hay ā€” and the Tyvek-papered garage and ell. I squint and try to imagine the whole farmhouse there, finished, with friendly lights burning.

I can almost see the pantry shelves, the wood cookstove in the ell, the red-checked tablecloth, the dogs snoozing on the kitchen floor.

Yesterday on our drive to Burlington Lucy and I started plotting the large perennial garden that someday will be out the (not-yet-existent) back door. I remember gesturing to Allen at a churned-up field of mud and boulders, saying, “And this will all be a garden!” He snorted. “Rock garden, you mean.” But he smiled tolerantly, and pulled all the boulders.

It’s the dreams that keep me going, especially in the cold and dark of winter. Dreams ā€” plus faith that even in the gloom, spring is on its way.


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