Snowy Sunday

WordPress’s “snowflake” widget stopped snowing on my blog automatically January 4, but here in the mountains the snow is just getting started. It snowed six inches overnight and was still snowing yesterday when I went to morning chores.

I am not a big snow fan but I am happy for DH and Lucy, my rabid skiers, and for our tiny tourist town, where almost everyone’s livelihood depends on having plenty of white stuff.

For me it mostly means freezing feet, as both my old pairs of winter boots are cracked and leaking. I don’t dally when my socks are wet and it’s 8° F. Here is Moxie helping me put out the morning hay.

Lucy had cross-country skied 25K with a group on Saturday and was ready for a cozy day at home. She thought all the snow meant Mom should not go to church. “It’s a sign from God!” she cried, with a big smile. “We can have a fire in the fireplace, I’ll do my homework, and —” in the tone of one holding out a wonderful treat — “you can sew the last patch on your coveralls!”

So that’s what we did. A quiet day with hymns on the stereo and snow steadily falling. In the afternoon she and I experimented with baking a hearth loaf on our pizza stone. Lucy is convinced that the new shape makes the same old whole wheat bread taste better. It is different. I have to work on my slashing technique. We’re also going to look for a good whole wheat sourdough recipe.


2 Responses to Snowy Sunday

  1. Jo says:

    An old farm hint you’ll never see on Martha Stewart: When I wear my old leaky boots I slip my socked feet into a plastic grocery bag first. It gives a bit more insulation and helps keep my feet dry. Good luck with all the snow! Thanks for all your wonderful posts, you are a fantastic writer.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Thank you for your kind words! I’ve never tried the plastic-bags-inside-the-boots idea. I’ll try it when I go down to milk this morning! I don’t think Martha Stewart knows how to get dirty so I’ve never looked to her for any tips! 🙂

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