Joke Gift

A friend stopped by yesterday. I have been buried in paperwork all week, spending hours every day on the computer or on the telephone. Our dining room table is covered in receipts, bills, and stacks of accounts. When the knock came at the apartment door, I barely glanced up.

“Come on in!” I called, frowning at something in my hand. I heard someone open the door, but there was no other sound. “Hello?”

No response. Finally I got up and walked around the corner — and there was my friend Larry, with a broad smile and a big hug.

I’ve written about Larry before. He’s short and Irish, very kind and very, very warm. Anyone’s day would be instantly improved by Larry walking in the door and wrapping them in a hug. And in this case, “I brought you a present!” he said to me, grinning and holding out a package.

It was a t-shirt, picked out “especially” for me. Here is the message on the front of the shirt:

Larry worked alongside DH for many years and they are good friends, with great respect for each other’s very different talents. However Larry is a tease and can rarely resist an opportunity to needle him.

I do dream of a tractor, and I love Larry, but I think this t-shirt will only be worn under my summer coveralls.


2 Responses to Joke Gift

  1. Rae says:

    Ha! Love it! I may need to get me one of those. Though, to be fair, I’d need to get my guy one that said he’d trade me for a generator. Only fair.

  2. Margo Nikolopoulou says:

    I knew about Irish sense of humour and it’s proving indeed sparkling ! Even your husband would appropriate this, i’m sure, as far as you’re not wearing it 24/7 OR in public places !!!!

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