Scurrying to Pack

Lucy, a teammate, and Hannah before the start of the Loppet

Lucy and DH are packing hurriedly this morning for the Canadian Ski Marathon. They leave right after school today.

The two girls, Lucy and her friend Hannah, will not be skiing the entire marathon. Their goal is to ski 84-105 kilometers, or 50-65 miles. Still plenty of distance, especially over hills! DH will be skiing behind them as their pack mule, carrying extra clothes, snacks, wax, and First Aid supplies.

My job this morning is to snowshoe out to the cabin to get sleeping bags and to pack a box of treats for the four-hour drive there and back. I bought some clementines (DH still has his cold), will fill water bottles, and am going to bake a batch of cookies. When you’re skiing more than fifty miles, the only reason to count calories is to make sure you have enough.

*   *    *

No lambs yet! I keep sighing over my mistake with the ram harness, remembering the crucial crayon falling out to lie uselessly in the grass. Next year I will get it right. (This is my constant reassurance to myself, in so many areas. Next year I’ll do better!)

The six older ewes are so round that when they lie down, their spines form indented lines between their ballooning sides. I’m hoping for plenty of twins.

*   *    *

I met with O.B. yesterday, and while I stood there he organized and gave me all his labor bills dating back to December first. O.B. is an excellent carpenter, but paperwork is his Waterloo. Although I empathize, I have told him that the next time I hire him I will want to collect bills weekly. (There it is again: next time!) I think this plan would help with the communication angle, also. He agreed with me that trying to put up the clapboard siding in the current cold would be a waste of energy, and we will put that off for at least a month. O.B. thinks the inside of the apartment will be finished by the end of next week.

As my friend Susie always says: I have fingers, toes, and eyes crossed.


2 Responses to Scurrying to Pack

  1. Noodles says:

    Go, Lucy and Hannah! I am speechless with admiration for your grit.
    Love from Aunt N.

  2. Elaine Murphy says:

    Have a terrific Lucy and Hannah! Girls rule!!!

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