Snowing and Blowing

It is snowing and windy this morning. However it is much warmer, 19° F, so the animals merely turn their tails to the blowing white curtain and eat their hay without fuss.

The forecast is for up to nine inches over the next three days. If we get it, I may be in trouble. There is nowhere left to put the snow. We’ve had more snow this winter, with fewer thaws, than in at least five years. Mike, who plows for me, did not push the initial snows back far enough to allow for this level of build-up, and now the long, long driveway is a narrow path bordered by high banks. The turn-around at the barn is rapidly disappearing.

I am supposed to have a hay delivery this week and I’m not sure the truck and trailer will be able to get in and out.

Yesterday I called Tom at the rental place in town. I may have to hire a backhoe to come out to excavate the banks and push them back. How exasperating, when money is so tight, to have to consider spending $200 on snow! Tom says that half the places in town are in the same predicament. My friend Larry emailed that he has spent days moving snow with a tractor and bucket.

Still no lambs. I will be glad when these lambs are safely on the ground and I don’t have to check four times around the clock. That is another reason I want to keep my driveway open. Hiking in the quarter mile to the barn from the highway at 2 AM, in snow, wearing my pajamas under my coveralls, has very little appeal.


2 Responses to Snowing and Blowing

  1. Claire says:

    This has been a crazy winter. We haven’t had bare ground since the first week of December, which is highly unusual in Ohio since we typically do a snow-thaw-freeze cycle the entire time. I know it was supposed to be an early, hard winter, but all this snow and storm after storm is just exhausting. I can’t wait for mud season!

  2. adkmilkmaid says:

    I agree with you, Claire! I am not fond of mud but coping with the snow is tiring me out.

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