Icy Weekend For Delta Phi

Friday night the temperatures plummeted, as predicted. DH had invited four of his college fraternity buddies, plus a former camper and a former student, up to spend the weekend ski training. DH has worked more than a year to organize and cajole a group together to ski the Haute Route across the Alps in March. (DH is also going to attempt a winter ascent of the Matterhorn.)

Conditions on Saturday made training realistically challenging. A few inches of fresh snow covered a base of plate ice. The temperature dropped to 4° F. The wind was gusting at over 40 mph. Falling snow blew in undulating curtains of white-out. The men headed out to ski up Mt. Marcy, the highest peak in New York State.

Lucy had agreed to join a school group for a backcountry ski into Avalanche Lake. Listening to the wind howling around the barn, I worried about her, but as these photos attest, she had a great time — and knows how to dress for the cold. (And yes, she chose green braces this time, looking ahead to St. Patrick’s Day!)

While everyone else battled the elements, I checked for lambs and cooked all weekend. Waffles and bacon, pancakes and pork sausage, homemade bread, three pounds of fresh mozzarella, a pot of chicken stew, two pans of lasagna using our beef and sweet Italian mutton sausage, Caesar salad, homemade brownies, and homemade ice cream. Lucy said, “I love it when we have guests because we eat so well!”

Here are the boys at breakfast this morning, the older ones slightly tired and blistered and sore, but game for their second day.

Bring on the Alps!


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