Weather: Ugh!

Last night I was so heartened. I finished chores at almost a quarter of six and the sun was just sinking! Only two months ago it was dark at 4 PM, and sometimes earlier! Spring is coming, I told myself happily.

However today it was snowing, the wind was gusting at 35 mph, and the driveway was drifted over again.

It is also due to be -15° F tonight.  Yech!

I kept the teen ewes in today, stashing them in Birch’s stall to keep them dry out of the snow. Icy fleeces would not melt and dry in time for the the shearer’s visit on Friday.

Now I’m only waiting for Lily to deliver. It will be frightfully cold tonight. I have no jugs left open. Why do I think my last and inexperienced ewe might choose this night to give birth? Oh, just because that is how things often work out on this farm.




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