The Great Weather Continues

In all the years we’ve been coming to this little development, we’ve never had such a string of perfect days. Yesterday afternoon Lucy and I actually took a break from the sun and went shopping at Goodwill. I found $4 overalls and a $5 dress for Easter Sunday. Lucy found some shorts for camp this summer. We were very pleased. As DH always teases me, there is very little I like better than a good deal.

Here are Joanne and I heading in to the condo at dusk to cook supper. As you can see, we need to adjust the leg room in the car between drivers! Joanne and I see each other only fleetingly during the busy school year so Florida is always a wonderful time to reconnect.

I got a few strange looks, walking over to the pool barefoot in overalls to bring Lucy home, but as Joanne always says, “It’s vacation! Who cares!”

My kind of friend.


One Response to The Great Weather Continues

  1. Lee Hubbard says:

    You have any more photos of you in the overalls?

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