Kennedy Space Center

Up early yesterday and drove the two hours to the Kennedy Space Center.

We were going ostensibly for Alex, who really wanted to see it, but Lucy was completely fascinated. She has her father’s patience with and enthusiasm for museums and reads every exhibit placard carefully.

Space and technology leave me cold — “Look, a roseate spoonbill!” I exclaimed distractedly, looking out a window at the surrounding nature preserve — so I mostly enjoyed watching her enjoyment.

Lucy and I had actually been to the Space Center before. In 2000, on our first family trip to Florida, with my friend Ann, I had taken Jon, 12, and Lucy, 2, in her stroller. Yesterday Lucy and I (and Joanne and Alex) rode in the shuttle simulator, just as Jon and I had long ago. We also watched our first Imax movie, about the international space station. It was all very well done. Lucy was thrilled.

It was a great day for the kids and I was happy to do it, but I personally had almost as much pleasure spotting the many birds along the highways.

Florida, of course, is a birder’s paradise. I start smiling the moment I walk out our condo door and hear the mockingbirds singing in the shrubbery.


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