Last Day of Vacation

I came down with a streaming head cold after our visit to the Kennedy Space Center and sadly wasn’t up to making any more side trips, so no canoeing for Lucy and me this year. Alex, too, was in a bit of a funk. However the weather continued to be gorgeous and yesterday we had a beautiful last day at the pool. The kids played for hours. A perfect close to a wonderful vacation.

I had to include a shot of a few of the retirees paddling around in their hats. I entirely stopped worrying about appearing eccentric the day I noticed one gentleman reading and sunning himself while sporting a white cotton athletic sock draped over his head to cover his bald spot.

Before our final supper in the condo last night we packed the car and cleaned out the refrigerator.

Lucy and me.

Joanne and Alex.

Alex and Lucy doing the traditional “last evening jump shot.”

These days in Florida are such a gift. We have watched the weather in the Adirondacks, seen the temperatures at 0° and the falling snow, and have known just how lucky we are.

It’s 3 AM. Joanne and I are having coffee and in a little while will wake the kids and get back on the road, heading home.


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