Babies’ Day Out

The weather has alternated like a metronome between windy days of weak spring sun and raw wet days of rain. I don’t muck in a downpour. It would be flying in the face of God, who is clearly ensuring that my sore back has a day to recover between stints at the Great Sheep Stall project.

Tuesday was dry, however, and while I bent once more to the wheelbarrow, the sheep went outside for the first time since shearing. The lambs were amazed by the Great Outdoors. Amazed and alarmed.

The ewes scattered around the muddy paddock to eat breakfast, completely ignoring the wails of their babies, who bunched together in fright. The shrieking was tremendous. In addition to the strange new Wide Open Spaces and the worrying breeze in their fleeces, there were Giant Animals out there!

Moxie had never seen lambs before and lowered her head to sniff at them curiously.

Screams of panic. “Mama, where are you?”

The ewes, knowing there was no danger, didn’t bother to reply, but steadily munched their hay.

“Help! Help! I am out here alone with a bull!

It took about half an hour for each lamb to find its mother. The crying gradually died away. By lunchtime most of the lambs had learned where the water was and to avoid the scary, biting electric fence.

With each day out they will become less worried and more adventurous. Soon they will be gamboling and bouncing in sheer high spirits.


2 Responses to Babies’ Day Out

  1. Marie McBride says:

    they are just adorable!!! How sweet! Thirty minutes to find their mommies? Was it because they were distracted with the new outdoors?

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Yes, lambs will listen for their mothers’ voices and because they weren’t worried, the mothers weren’t answering. Too busy stuffing themselves with hay! This meant that the lambs bunched together and moved like a frightened school of fish, wailing!

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