Done with Mucking!

Yesterday was miserable with sleet driven in front of a stiff wind, but Friday was clear and cold and I was able to finish mucking the sheep stall. It had finally occurred to me to use a pickaxe to loosen the two-foot layers, which sped up the process considerably.

While I pounded and heaved at the steaming pile, the animals lay outside, luxuriating in the weak spring sun. Though it was only 30° F, you could see their contentment as they soaked up the rays.

Old man Birch rolled in the dirt first, for the mud-mask-at-the-spa effect.


Moxie and Duke, my Jersey kids.

Katika, seven months pregnant and enjoying the benefit of a black coat.

Sheep and lambs.

Because it was actually still cold enough to see your breath, snuggling with mama felt good to the babies. It’s hard to believe that in a month the world will have greened up and they’ll all be out at pasture at Betty’s.

I was staggering by the time I finished the stall, but the only real damage done was to my hands. Work gloves don’t fit me; women’s are too short in the fingers and men’s too wide and floppy, so I always tape my hands against blisters. This last day I was tired and in a hurry and I simply wound layers of duct-tape over my skin. When I ripped it off to cook supper, I also ripped off a strip of flesh across the back of my hand. Yikes! A bad ow-ie.

Today I am headed to the airport to pick up DH, and then the two of us drive to Massachusetts for an overnight education conference where I shall wear a dress and heels and attempt to look like the proper wife of a headmaster. I am trying to think of a creditable explanation for a hand that looks like raw meat.

Perhaps I should simply say mysteriously, “Deep bedding.”


3 Responses to Done with Mucking!

  1. Jody HB says:

    Have a great trip! Are you going to be in Boston? Tomorrow is Patriot’s Day – beware of closed streets and crowds as the city is full of Marathon runners and spectators!

  2. Missy says:

    lol! “proper wife of a headmaster”. Would that be anything like trying to look like the “proper wife of a pastor”???

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Yes, Missy, exactly the same! And in my mid-calf Talbots dress ($5 at Goodwill in Florida) I think I looked the part! 🙂

      Jody, I told your brother that it was a good thing we weren’t going to Boston, as you said the streets would be closed for Patriot’s Day.
      “You know,” I told him. “Commemorating the battles of Lexington and Concord.”
      “Actually,” he said, “I’m pretty sure they close the streets for the Boston Marathon.”
      Lots of love from both of us.

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