Wood Frogs

On Easter evening Lucy and I went on the computer to look up the frogs in the swamp behind our house, to learn more about them.

They are wood frogs. Here is a great short video of wood frogs singing. Don’t they sound like chuckling water or quacking ducks?

This is a spring sound, like the trilling of peepers. All these frogs are calling for mates.

The neat thing about wood frogs is that they are one of the only creatures on Earth that freeze solid in winter — no breathing, no heartbeat, functionally dead — and then thaw in the spring and “come back to life.”

Nova did a three-minute special on them for PBS.

It is amazing to me to sit here typing and think that every frog voice I am hearing belongs to an animal who was a chunk of ice for six months.

How appropriate to first hear them on Easter!


One Response to Wood Frogs

  1. Marie McBride says:

    How extraordinary! Maybe they can get Walt Disney back to life after all! (of course, a frozen head with brain is a lot bigger than one tiny frog).

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