Mother’s Day

I worked outside yesterday from 7:30 AM until 5 PM. I got a lot accomplished but I was tired when I showered and changed into my pajamas (and apron) for the evening.

However it was Mother’s Day and DH and the kids had arranged for Chinese food for supper — and a five-foot pry bar. I am ready to tackle rocks and stumps!

I don’t ever remember Mother’s Day being celebrated by my parents, except with a homemade card or two. However for DH it is almost like a birthday. He never overlooks it, and always makes sure the children are prepared, too. He used to complain that I was impossible to shop for — “Whatever happened to chocolates or flowers?” — but now he is resigned and even amused.

He bought me a card with a quote from Shelley Winters: I have bursts of being a lady, but it doesn’t last long, and wrote that it seemed appropriate “as very few Mominskis will be getting 12-pound pinch-point pry bars today!” A dear man.

My two great kids and me in a stepladder.


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