Last night my friend Karen and I took our friend Alison out to dinner to celebrate her recent graduation. Karen was going to drive.

After barn chores I shucked my coveralls, boots, and baseball hat. I showered quickly and put on a yellow sleeveless blouse, dark slacks, and flat pumps. I brushed my hair into a curling bob and threw a blazer over my arm. Picking up my purse, I went to sit on a boulder near the edge of our driveway to wait.

A friend who was driving out paused at the boulder and rolled down his window. I have known Nick forever. We were new teachers together twenty-eight years ago.

“Wow,” he said, scanning me with a smile. “You look … human!

As it happened an hour later we ran into Nick in town. He spoke to me again, a small crease between his brows.

“I hope you didn’t take my you-look-human comment the wrong way.”

I grinned and patted his shoulder. “Of course not.”


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