Calmer Heads Prevail

Far-flung friends on my internet “cow board” tell me that I can’t use a shot of Lutelyse to abort Moxie for another week, and it’s a potential solution up to ninety days. So I am going to schedule my annual vet appointment for three weeks out, and if Moxie doesn’t come back into heat before then, I will have the vet give her Lute at that time.

By then I will have been able to get my south pasture out from under all the trees that fell on the fencing over the winter, and restore a hot charge to the lines. To separate the randy youngsters, I will put Moxie and Katika in that pasture and leave my bull and steer with Lucy’s horse Birch in the top field.

For now, Moxie’s heat is past and all the excitement is over.  The cattle are calmer and so am I.

Sunday afternoon I hauled three truckloads of brush out of the top field from the big spruce that came down over the driveway in the fall. I picked up a permit from the forest ranger and will burn it this weekend.

Yesterday I spent two hours fixing fence in the top field, replacing broken insulators and one smashed post, and tightening lines.

My grass is pathetic compared to Betty’s but nevertheless when I turned them out the animals were happy.

I stood watching them, smiling to myself, for quite a while.


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