All Over

The project is over. The machines will be picked up today. The sun shone and we worked like demons all day but we could not get the job of finishing the pond done. The week of rain and flooding had slowed us down too much. By 6 PM I was so tired, hot, dirty, sunburned, bug-bitten, and worn out I was in a stupor. D kindly came to help out after work and in response to his customary teasing I almost burst into tears.

It is discouraging to work so hard and not be successful. But that’s life. Certainly I could not whine about our bad luck to the owner of the machinery rental store, whose husband broke his neck on vacation and will never walk again.

It was so hot yesterday that I constantly drove out with cold drinks for the men. On one of these breaks we were visited by a butterfly.

First it investigated Leon.

Then Allen.

It was a bug with good taste. I love those guys. They are both very kind to me.

This morning thunder is rumbling, lightning is flashing across the dark sky, and rain and hail are drumming on the roof.


One Response to All Over

  1. I am so sorry to hear about the owner of the machinery store, I’ve had a broken neck that was reconstructed in Jan. of 2008, and I shudder every time I hear of someone breaking a neck. I feel especially sad on a deep level for those who didn’t have a chance to live with a reconstructed or healed neck, even with impairments. Any of us could have an accident at any time that could literally break our neck, so tragic. However, I think you are indeed blessed to have such a great team of guys to work the machinery and get the farm job done. I’m a new reader and am making my way thru some of the posts, but I’ll be back to read more later. Great photos.

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