Our Man on the Street

Friday was “picture day” at Jon’s newspaper job. As a gag, his co-workers had him pose looking erudite while wearing a tie belonging to the boss’s very small son.

Originally there were three men named John/Jon at the office. In his earliest weeks, our Jon was referred to as “Rookie,” to distinguish him. Then they hired another young man — also, sadly, named John — which knocked that idea into a cocked hat.

Still, things are going well for Jon these days. After enduring seven months at a terrible hole of an apartment, where the police were worryingly frequent visitors to his loud and drunken neighbors, Jon recently found a new place, a studio cottage in a quiet section of town.

I will help him move the last of his furniture tomorrow.

2 Responses to Our Man on the Street

  1. Jody HB says:

    Congratulations to Jon! Hope he enjoys his “new home”

  2. This is too adorable! Love that sense of humor.

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