Riding, Canoeing, and a Swim

This morning Lucy and Lizzy baked a cheesecake from scratch while I did morning chores. After I (ahem!) washed the dishes and the girls dressed, we headed down to the farm. A few more stumps had to be pulled in the round pen. Then we tacked up the horses, I gave the girls legs up, and we headed out for our first ride.

Lizzy has not ridden as much as Lucy has, so I walked alongside her horse, Punch. Lucy’s horse, Birch, was fine with the round pen but a little concerned by the pigs he could see in their pen if he stood on his tiptoes. Birch is an old man but a big baby.

Punch was not concerned about anything except perhaps being able to munch on the remaining raspberry canes still standing in the round pen.

Since he’s been out on grass Punch has put on weight. His mane is also getting too long and thick. I can’t decide whether to roach it off again or to leave it on. I want to sell him this fall and many people adore long manes. (I’m sure you will be shocked to learn I am purely practical and, for myself, would cut it off.)

The girls rode in the round pen for thirty minutes, letting the horses get used to it. Lizzy was learning how to hold her hands, how to steer, and how to keep Punch’s head up without jabbing him in the mouth with the bit. She looked very nice.

Birch is always posing.

Then we rode out on the back acres, just at a walk. Birch pretended to be quite nervous of the new experience. Punch looked around hungrily. A poplar sapling might be tasty! It was a fun first ride.

After lunch we drove back down to the farm and picked up the canoe trailer, to which the U.S.S. Grandma was already lashed. We now have our system down pat. Lizzy called out backing directions, Lucy loaded paddles and life jackets, I hitched the trailer, and we were back on the road in a twinkling.

“Wow! Only five minutes to load up!” I exclaimed.

Grandma is pumped!” shrieked Lizzy. This made us laugh all the way to the Cascade Lakes.

3 Responses to Riding, Canoeing, and a Swim

  1. Mac West says:

    Thanks for sharing this Sel. I don’t think I saw this at the time. It looks like it was a really fun day!

    Xoxo, Mac

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      I happened to notice that this post from 2010 had never been published, so I pressed the button. No idea what had held me up… NINE YEARS AGO! 😉

  2. Jane Welker says:

    This is so fun! I love that you had horses there for a bit. It must have been so fun for those two girls to ride and then go canoeing! What a day! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Love, Jane

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