Flat Out

I’m working down my lists doggedly, plotting my days hour by hour, but am still discouragingly behind. It feels as if I’ve been sweaty and bug-bitten and stinking of manure and gasoline forever — but still acres remain unmowed, stalls need to be mucked, and there is mess to be dealt with everywhere, at the farm and at home.

Meanwhile I pulled my back several days ago and am hobbling around as if I am ninety. I find myself groaning aloud when carrying water buckets. Still I push on. It was almost a relief last night when my lawnmower developed a flat tire and I had to quit.

I am aware that a lot of the pressure I am feeling is self-imposed, that someone more easy-going would simply say, “I’ll get to whatever it is when I can.” However I am sure no one has ever described me as easy-going.

Katika is bagging up and is due a week from tomorrow. I pray she doesn’t calve early. On Tuesday I drive Lucy to Vermont for a dentist appointment and I plan to buy more back-up meds then for milk fever. (Last year she might have died from this metabolic disorder.)

Add that to the list.

5 Responses to Flat Out

  1. Missy says:

    Oh dear, I hope your back is feeling a lot better by next week. It is not at all fun hunching over to milk a cow with a bad back. Any chance of a Katika update with photos before she calves? I would love to see how big she is (and check the udder development of a 10 year old cow a week out from calving. Yes, I have ulterior motives :-).) I think I’ll just pop over to KFC now and see if you’ve already posted there.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Missy, Katika is actually nine years old. 🙂 However I will definitely try to post pictures. I also want to post an account of last year’s calving, so people understand my trepidation!

  2. You are amazing – be careful with the back injury though. Love your posts!

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Thank you, Lana. I’m taking lots of Ibuprofen and yesterday I volunteered at the rental store, minding the counter, so that was a nice break from bending and lifting.

  3. Tricia says:

    Hope all goes well with the calving. Last year I had enough meds for milk fever and ketosis for probably 5 cows- didn’t need any of it either!!!!!

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