False Alarm

I’ve just come in from the 3 AM check and … still no calf.

Yesterday morning Katika waddled into the barn, cleaned up her breakfast grain, and then lay down, groaning. Her udder was impossibly huge, each teat hard and distended. She kept turning awkwardly to lick her sides. Her breathing was uneven. I was sure she was in labor.

I stayed with her all day. All day she groaned, breathed unevenly, and licked her sides. She would not touch her hay. I gave her some water mixed with molasses, which she drank.

No calf.

At 5 PM she hopped up and ate her supper grain, drank some more water, and began to pull at her hay. She turned bright eyes to me. “Well, that was restful,” she seemed to say.

I’ve been checking her every three hours since then. Still no calf.

I’ll be glad when the waiting is over. I’m a wreck.

One Response to False Alarm

  1. Missy says:

    you may be a wreck, but the good news is there’s nothing wrong. 🙂 hang in there.

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