Meet Phoenix

Here is our new calf, Phoenix, at five days old. It must be admitted that she is a rather ugly calf. She inherited the underbite of her daddy, my grade Jersey x Holstein bull Charles Bronson, and his white Holstein eye rims, too. When she was born, her head had been squeezed in the birth canal so long that capillaries in the whites had burst, giving her blood-red circles around her eyes. “Devil calf!” joked my friend Alison. But looks aren’t everything, right?

Fee has a small white spot on her right hip, a large one on her left, plus little white twinkles on her ankles and a white-splotched chest and udder.

The bottom half of her tail is white, so when she gallops with her tail high it appears that she is hoisting the flag.

When I turn the herd out at night the cattle put their heads down to graze and Fee immediately flings herself into a run.

When she’s out of breath she’ll stop by mama for a lick and a hug…

and a quick snack.

Katika’s supply has settled down to five gallons a day plus whatever Fee is taking. The edema is gradually subsiding.

Once Fee is refueled it’s back to running again. Up the hill…

and down.

Lucy’s old horse Birch does not like cows, but he manages to be tolerant of babies. His expression was long-suffering the day she decided to stand under his belly. Now she just keeps close.

And then another burst of energy.

A girl’s just got to have fun!

I’m off to do barn chores and milk early before opening the rental store at 7:45 AM.

7 Responses to Meet Phoenix

  1. Missy says:

    OK, so she’s no poster girl, but she is awfully cute! The little flag on her tail is so sweet! Glad things are going well with her and Katika. I don’t know how you milk 5 gallons a day, and what are you doing with all the milk? That’s a lot of milk shakes, can’t imagine you’ve time for cheeses atm. Was the IV all Katika needed to pull her through? And what happens to heifer calves at your place? I guess it’s easy when you get a bull calf because they have a big “dinner” sign plastered all over their head when they are born, but heifers? How long until you think you will have to replace Katika as your milker? Would you keep Fee as a replacement? Sorry about the thousand questions, you know that all my questions are really about me and Midnight, right? Thanks for sharing the photos. Any sign of your camera or phone yet?

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      I am feeding a bunch of milk to the piglets and the chickens, just because I am so busy I don’t have time to make cheeses this week (hopefully next week). I imagine I will sell Fee next spring. She has her mother’s nice straight topline and probably her great hooves but she otherwise isn’t of a quality to bring much money. I don’t plan to keep one of Katika’s calves as a replacement. I sold Hope, Katika’s last heifer calf, who was nicer looking, very inexpensively. In many ways it would make more sense for me to put Fee in the freezer when the time comes. We shall see. I hope to have time to write more about Katika’s calving tomorrow.

  2. MArie McBride says:

    If I believed in reincarnation, I’d want to be a calf like Phoenix!

  3. Claire says:

    I think she’s pretty darn cute and that face definitely has character. Glad everything is settling down on the cow front!

  4. Mindy says:

    Great tail on that calf!

  5. Jessika says:

    I think she is cute too! I’ve had two black cows with white tail switches just like hers. First was Ellie, Jersey/Angus, and then her 2nd bull calf had that white “flag” too. I’m glad to hear all is well, I was worried about Katika and milk fever.

  6. tricia says:

    oh I love her! She is adorable! keep me in mind when she is ready to go. I just might be able to swing it.

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