One Man Band

Yesterday, without a vehicle, I packed up my tools and hiked down the highway to the farm.

I was determined to be able to put in a full day of work. On my back I wore a rucksack of food, spare clothes, and boxes of screws and nails. Over my left arm I carried a heavy bag with my cordless drill, my circular saw, and four 18-volt batteries. Over my right shoulder I slung my weedwhacker. In my left hand I toted a tank of gas. I looked like the farm version of a one man band. Walking was not easy.

Naturally on this day the road was closed for surface repairs. I toiled past grinning men in yellow hard hats.

“Truck broke down,” I explained over and over. “Bad bearing.”

“That sucks. Hope you don’t have far to go with all that!”

A friend suggested I should have answered cheerfully, “Saranac Lake!” — 25 miles.

Instead I said truthfully, “Only a mile,” and trudged on.

It was a long day. I hope to have good news about the truck soon.


2 Responses to One Man Band

  1. Noodles says:

    When is that new camera coming? We needed a photo of that!
    xoxo N.

  2. Elaine Murphy says:

    Have Birch earn his keep….Could you ride your lawn tractor pulling a cart?

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