Evening Chores

I had to spend today in Burlington for very minor surgery. It meant leaving for Vermont early, which meant milking even earlier.

Last night DH had invited me to go out with him to a local showing of an opera (he loves opera). However I can only steel myself to opera in the best of conditions.

Dread of needles is not the best of conditions. I decided to stay home to get ahead on barn chores instead, to make my morning less rushed.

I turned Birch and the cattle out at sunset. All of them were wearing their fly masks.

Every day I bring all the animals into the dark of the barn, away from heat and flies. In the relative cool of the late afternoon they go out again in their masks to graze. Birch has blue plaid; the cows have zebra stripes.

One can’t say they like their fly masks, particularly. When I go to put them on at evening chores they all duck their heads, like small kids hoping to scoot out the door before Mama zips up the hood  on their snowsuits. However once the masks are in place they seem happy to have the protection from biters that swarm their eyes.

After that I mucked out the barn and shut up the chickens and the geese.

Next I carried the evening’s pail of foamy milk out to the pigs. The pigs have been spoiled by my busy schedule. Since I haven’t had time to make cheese, the excess gallons have gone straight to them. They now look indignant if their pellets are not swimming in warm milk.

Moreover, this week Larry made arrangements with his friends who own a restaurant two miles down the highway. They are going to save me their plate scrapings. I will pick up a five-gallon pail every day. Last night was the pigs’ first experience “dining out.”

Ah, oui! Baguettes!

Finally I drove down to Betty’s field. Methodically I measured and mowed my fence lines, towed the sheep shelters, and re-set the fence. I filled the forty-gallon water trough. I moved the sheep.

As I hooked up the battery charger in the new space, the sun was just sliding down behind the trees.

I turned on my headlights to drive out of the field.

A perfect, peaceful evening. For me, far more soothing than opera.

The procedure today went fine.

One Response to Evening Chores

  1. Rae says:

    Spoiled rotten pigs! 🙂

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