Bring on the Steak Fries!

The pigs are getting large enough that their rush for food can almost knock me off my feet. Here they are yesterday, waiting impatiently for me to empty the restaurant bucket into their rubber trough.

Though the restaurant scrapings are merely an add-on to their diet, they greatly prefer them to the daily pellets. The pigs’ absolutely favorite food, however, is foamy warm milk. In their frenzy over milk, they can get so excited they spill it all.

Maybe next week I can build a larger, untippable trough. No time now.

We had a welcome hard rain night before last — our first, it seems, after months of drought. The geese and the pigs were ecstatic in the puddles. Here is Cassin, happily taking a mud bath.


2 Responses to Bring on the Steak Fries!

  1. Beth Tilton says:

    My chickens love milk, too, as well as pigs, cats, dogs and kids!

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