Lucy and I Head Out

This morning Lucy will get home from camp at 6:30 AM and by 7 the two of us will be on the road for the Jersey shore. It is a nine-hour drive. I’m about to run do barn chores and milk right now. Tomorrow morning I’ll be driving home, leaving Lucy to enjoy a week with her many loving cousins, aunts, and uncles.

I’ve been scurrying around these last couple of days, trying to set up coverage to be away from the farm for 30 hours. It’s very difficult at this time of year. I pray everything goes OK in my absence. However I’m excited to visit with all my siblings and most of my nieces and nephews, even if only briefly, and the car ride with Lucy after her summer away will be lovely.

I snagged the photo above from the camp’s end-of-summer slideshow. All her letters home have reiterated, “Camp is great!” with many exclamation points, and she certainly looks happy. I can’t wait to see my girl!

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