More Brush Hogging

Yesterday was a dark day of growling thunder and intermittent rain. I managed to get in four hours of brush-hogging between the rain drops and mucking, milking, and moving the sheep.

Four hours a day fighting the machine over the rocks and bumps is about all my upper body can stand anyway, even with short breaks at other tasks to catch my breath and recover. As usual, I severely underestimated the difficulty of the job and the time necessary to get it done.

It didn’t help that on Saturday, when my arm muscles were screaming, Rick the hay man showed up unexpectedly with a trailer-load of bales to be unloaded and stacked in the barn. (Allen’s voice in my ear: Done whinin’?)

Working non-stop all weekend, I only managed to mow about 1/7 of the field. A little more than an acre. It’s disappointing but I learned a lot. Now I know the tool will work for my purposes. I just need to devote more time and more energy.

DH left on a business trip to California yesterday at 4 AM. Today I return the machine and drive to Albany to pick up Lucy.


2 Responses to More Brush Hogging

  1. Missy says:

    Wow, you are really so amazing. You’ve done a good, no, great job! (I don’t know how your body is holding up!!!) Your pastures are looking fantabulous! I was wondering though, do you think a brush cutter would be easier? (Aussie translation: like a line trimmer but with a circular blade). It wouldn’t be nearly so heavy as the mower, although it does make your fingers tingle.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Missy, you’re so kind. I’m really not amazing at all. I’m bullheaded! LOL

      The pastures that look fabulous are actually Betty’s a mile down the road. Mine are weedy and thin but at least they are improving every year.

      It is true that a weedwhacker with a blade would be easier in some respects. I have one and use it all the time in all the areas that are too rocky or log-strewn to get a machine over. However even though weedwhacking is less demanding on my body in one way, it would be worse in another: it would take FOREVER. A weedwhacker’s cutting swath is only about 10″ wide. Using the brush-hog I cut about a 30″ swath. Even that seems painfully slow when you’re looking at a huge field.

      Thanks for commenting!

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