Hard Frosts Coming

Last night we had heat lightning and rain drumming on the roof for hours. Starting tomorrow it is due to drop to 27° F for three nights running.

I will be sad to be locked in winter again but I must say I’m looking forward to the cold knocking back the fly population. It’s been terrible. I cannot imagine leaving my animals out in daylight in these biting, buggy conditions. The cows curl up on clean pine shavings in the dark of the shuttered barn and I can almost hear their sighs of relief. Lucy’s horse Birch does not lie down but he practically gallops across the barnyard and into the safe gloom of his stall when I open the gate.

Meanwhile something is biting me and I am covered with itchy red welts. No one else in the family is affected so I’m guessing it’s something down at the farm.

Come on, frost!

The wheel of the calendar is turning. Maples are burning orange and red. It is dark now in the morning and the sun sets by 7 PM. In another few months it will be dark by evening chores at 4:30. The barn swallows have already left, and most of the warblers and other small birds.

Yesterday I was shocked to see a late hummingbird hovering around my pink phlox in the garden.

“Don’t get caught by the cold!” I warned him.

One Response to Hard Frosts Coming

  1. Missy says:

    Wow, I can’t believe you’re almost back to winter again. We’re warming up nicely and waiting and waiting for the grass to pick up and grow. Midnight’s calf is due next week and I’m frantically rushing to finish relevant jobs and grumbling about being sick this week. Grrr. Hope you get to slow down a little over winter and rest up after all that brush hogging. You deserve a break!

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