Giant Potholes Almost Gone

D has almost finished smoothing the way out to DH’s cabin. He’s done a beautiful job, especially considering the poor materials he had to work with. The free fill we were given was crammed with rocks.

With the bucket D patiently sifted hundreds of rocks from the dirt. Some of the rocks he buried. (As he created one rocky underground cache he gave me a rare smile. “Probably right where you want a fence post!”)

The rest he loaded into the back of his dump truck.

He dumped them at the old edge of the pond. My hope is that next year his father will be able to finish the pond and bury them.

Meanwhile his two-year-old granddaughter was dropped off to “wide with Papa.” She sat in his lap happily as he worked, and then stretched her arms to me. She and I fed the pigs their supper.

Emma has been visiting “the piggies” since June. In four months the scampering little piglets have become large, jostling, biting hogs.

Little girls grow fast but pigs grow even faster.

2 Responses to Giant Potholes Almost Gone

  1. Viki B. says:

    And how he loves his granddaughter! They are so cute together.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Yes, they are! She “helped” us spread Larry’s manure pile two weeks ago and it was so endearing to watch this tough guy completely under that little thumb! 🙂 D doesn’t want his name or picture on the internet but I got a couple of cute shots of her and “Papa.”

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