Home from Wall Street

Jon got back to town last night from three days camping in Zuccotti Park in New York City. He and his friend Stephen had gone down to join the peaceful Occupy Wall Street protest.

While camping Jon had lettered a simple sign on a scrap of cardboard with a Magic Marker. Because he is 6’4″ and his sign was easy to read, he is a snap to spot in the media coverage from those days. These photographs were found on Google.

The weather turned cold and rainy and folks were huddled under tarps, but nothing seemed to have dampened Jon and Stephen’s enthusiasm. Though Jon had lost his voice he was eager to tell us of the friendly, supportive people at the rally, the celebrities they’d seen join the protest, and the adventures they’d had.

As I listened, I had many thoughts. Jon was an only child for his first ten years. When he was a baby and small boy, his temperament and mine seemed so similar it felt uncanny. As he’s become a man it has been interesting (and occasionally startling) to realize how different we really are. When I was twenty-four I was dreaming of building a little cabin, raising milk goats, and having babies — all small, inner, private dreams. Jon is outer-directed. He is passionate about social justice.

We are very proud of him.


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