Almost before last Halloween was over, Lucy and her good friend Anabell began planning for this year. They decided they would be Woody and Jessie, the cowboy dolls from the Toy Story movies, and Anabell’s litle brother would be the space man, Buzz Lightyear.

Between school and their busy sports schedules, the girls didn’t have much time to devote to the project. They worked on their costumes in stolen moments on and off for the last month. Since Lucy was Raggedy Andy last year, they decided she would be the girl this year. Here’s Lucy as Jessie. (Double-click to enlarge.)

I was so impressed with their creativity. They got the hats from the dollar store, and laced them with yarn, but everything else was homemade. Lucy made her shirt cuffs out of paper cups that she painted, and her yellow shirt yoke is an old t-shirt cut down and detailed with red marker. The chaps are painted on a scrap of old bed sheet. Lucy spent hours threading red yarn onto a headband for her hair. Their belt buckles are made of gold wrapping tape. They borrowed cowboy boots. They even had elastic pull-strings on their backs, with big round white rings from a shower curtain.

Here’s the whole Toy Story gang. The girls are wearing down vests under their shirts to keep them warm.

Lucy and Anabell had so much fun. They’re already looking for suggestions for next year!


7 Responses to Halloween

  1. Jody says:

    They look Wonderful – how creative!! Glad they had such fun – our town postponed Halloween until Friday because of all the power outages and downed live wires!!

  2. Elaine Murphy says:

    They look terrific! They have the talent for costume designers for the stage….

    Our Halloween has been postponed until Sunday because of the downed power lines and trees. Our street looked like a war zone.

  3. Elaine Murphy says:

    I know that Lucy likes to knit. I would love to send her some skeins of yarn. What are her favorite colors?
    The Lion Brand Yarn website has wonderful free patterns for knitting and crochet and instructions. http://www.lionbrand.com

  4. Bonnie Morgan says:

    Great job Lucy and Anabell! Love your costumes.

  5. Jane Wellker says:

    Wow, Lucy and Anabel look great! I love to hear about her creative solutions while putting the outfit together. She did a fantastic job!

  6. Jen Park says:

    Fantastic costumes!!!! I can’t wait to show my Toy Story fans when they get home from school!!

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Thanks, Jody, Elaine, Jane, Bonnie, and Jen! Lucy finally had a chance to see your kind comments this morning and she beamed! Thank you for making my girl feel so good!

      I am not terribly creative myself so I find the whole effort amazing. LOL

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