A Rounded Life

Both my children were in New York City last weekend, Jon at Occupy Wall Street and Lucy on a visit with a school friend. The girls slept on the floor of a relative’s apartment on the Upper West Side. Lucy is an early riser and took this photograph of the skyline at dawn.

Though I grew up outside New York City, I am not a city person. I never have been. Both of my parents and all my siblings loved the city and all of them lived there for a time. Not me. With all the concrete I feel vaguely claustrophobic, uneasy, “cramped up and smothery,” as Huck Finn said.

DH also loves cities. I know it’s important for our children to be comfortable with new experiences, but I’ve always been glad to leave the urban piece to him and to others.

With her friend’s family Lucy had a fabulous time walking the streets, exploring Central Park, attending a dance festival, riding the Staten Island ferry past the Statue of Liberty, trying new foods, shopping in small markets. She came home exhausted and happy.

Yesterday she hiked Big Slide Mountain with a school group. Here she is on the summit in a snapping wind.

Though I myself am perfectly content mucking stalls and mending fences, I am so grateful my girl has these wide-ranging opportunities.

2 Responses to A Rounded Life

  1. Jody says:

    So glad Lucy had such fun in New York – it’s a great city! We’d love to show her Boston whenever she has time for a visit!

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