Strange Weather

The weather has turned oddly warm, in the 40s and even 50s. While I was dashing to Maine for sheep, DH and Lucy skied (in shirt sleeves!) the last snow in the woods on Sunday. Now it is gone and we have dripping rain and fog under sullen skies.

Apart from the mud, the dearth of snow and ice is fine by me. I have to be on the road two days this week. I also have 75 bulbs still to plant, temporary fencing to tie up and put away, repairs to do to the Pig Palace before it’s shut tight for the season, new boards to nail up on the run-in shelter, more wiring waiting in the barn paddock, final painting and staining … plus any last weedwhacking I can get to in my spare time.

However my skiers are desolate. For their sakes I hope it turns cold again soon.

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